Damn sexy Kay Parker seducing her son

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7 giorni fa
The best mother in the world ^^
9 giorni fa
What a beautiful woman!
26 giorni fa
Кей Паркер роскошная, а этот эпизод один из моих самых любимых с ней.. фильм сам кстати тоже неплох
28 giorni fa
...my only slight complaint, is that Kay didn't get it on all fours in this scene, and if I had done my Mom, I would have definitely fucked her doggystyle too!, she had the best ass and hips ever!!!, and it was also her favorite position!!

I would have finished her off like this:
28 giorni fa
This is the porn scene that started my hottest, most perverted sexual fantasy, to bed my own gorgeous Mother!!!

Btw, here's a few pics of my real Mom:

Beautiful, killer body, and amazing in bed!!!
I would have given anything to fuck her just like Kay Parker got fucked in this flick!!!
28 giorni fa
Hot retro porn!! I like it!!
1 mese fa
THE Classic aside from Deep Throat!
2 mesi fa
Save it every time. Ejaculated countless times. Thanks for uploading.
3 mesi fa
One of the hottest pornos ever...Parker just exudes sexuality. I have cum so many times, wishing I was unloading on her face and tits.
4 mesi fa
old time at its best....
4 mesi fa
uno dei film più' arrapanti della storia dell'hard , fantastica pietra miliare e grandissima Kay .
5 mesi fa
The greatest scene in a very good movie.
5 mesi fa
Just hearing that music gives me a boner.
5 mesi fa
i have no words to say simple perfectly beauty i wish key parker was my mummy simply sunning and hottttt Key Parker was queen of porn industry really respect her a-lot from bottom of my heart xx old is gold
5 mesi fa
I've stroked off to this vid many times over the years; love it! Thumbs up for this sizzling hot vid and added to my favorites. Thanks for sharing!
6 mesi fa
My hero!
6 mesi fa
She had amazing boobs
6 mesi fa
very hot
7 mesi fa
Classic scene, Kay Parker and Mike Ranger who she fancied in real life. She's an English girl too! Love the funky music too. Great.
7 mesi fa
gr8 Kay
7 mesi fa
Queen Kay...
7 mesi fa
wanna get fucked by my son too!
7 mesi fa
7 mesi fa
Good porn, good music!
7 mesi fa
i like !!!
8 mesi fa
loved Taboo -
thanks for posting!
8 mesi fa
i had to cum twice _)_)::::::::::D
8 mesi fa
love to wake up this way... her tits are amazing
8 mesi fa
This is the hottest XXX porn movie I have watched. I first saw it several years ago and I think this is when I started fantasizing about this situation (this movie, at least, fueled the fire). I would love for it to happen like this. It seems a relatively natural way to go about it. So dreamy!

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