Damn sexy Kay Parker seducing her son

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3 giorni fa
i watched this vid so many times growing up, still hot as fuck!
16 giorni fa
As a younger man, got off many, many a time to hot Kay!
25 giorni fa
26 giorni fa
Faved for the cumshot alone!
26 giorni fa
This scene is fantastic, i'm a huge fan of hers. Not usually a big tit man in fact i'm a small tit and leg freak BUT, who could deny that they are orbs of beauty that would have any son reaching for their boner. She sucks and fucks in a wonderful horny and feverish hunger, this is exactly how it should be done. Coming from a time when big stars such as Veronica Hart and Lili Marlene were cut from the same cloth as Kay, they were utterly sex mad and the most convincing porn stars of the golden era.
1 mese fa
Best movies ever...Ecveruthing is too real! Kay is gorgeous...
1 mese fa
the all time best milf!!!
2 mesi fa
that look on her face in the doorway. the pure hunger. that is what sells this scene.
2 mesi fa
sexy kay best titts
3 mesi fa
The best mother in the world ^^
3 mesi fa
What a beautiful woman!
3 mesi fa
Кей Паркер роскошная, а этот эпизод один из моих самых любимых с ней.. фильм сам кстати тоже неплох
4 mesi fa
...my only slight complaint, is that Kay didn't get it on all fours in this scene, and if I had done my Mom, I would have definitely fucked her doggystyle too!, she had the best ass and hips ever!!!, and it was also her favorite position!!

I would have finished her off like this:
4 mesi fa
This is the porn scene that started my hottest, most perverted sexual fantasy, to bed my own gorgeous Mother!!!

Btw, here's a few pics of my real Mom:

Beautiful, killer body, and amazing in bed!!!
I would have given anything to fuck her just like Kay Parker got fucked in this flick!!!
4 mesi fa
Hot retro porn!! I like it!!
4 mesi fa
THE Classic aside from Deep Throat!
5 mesi fa
Save it every time. Ejaculated countless times. Thanks for uploading.
6 mesi fa
One of the hottest pornos ever...Parker just exudes sexuality. I have cum so many times, wishing I was unloading on her face and tits.
7 mesi fa
old time at its best....
7 mesi fa
uno dei film più' arrapanti della storia dell'hard , fantastica pietra miliare e grandissima Kay .
8 mesi fa
The greatest scene in a very good movie.
8 mesi fa
Just hearing that music gives me a boner.
8 mesi fa
i have no words to say simple perfectly beauty i wish key parker was my mummy simply sunning and hottttt Key Parker was queen of porn industry really respect her a-lot from bottom of my heart xx old is gold
9 mesi fa
I've stroked off to this vid many times over the years; love it! Thumbs up for this sizzling hot vid and added to my favorites. Thanks for sharing!
9 mesi fa
My hero!
9 mesi fa
She had amazing boobs
9 mesi fa
very hot
10 mesi fa
Classic scene, Kay Parker and Mike Ranger who she fancied in real life. She's an English girl too! Love the funky music too. Great.
10 mesi fa
gr8 Kay
10 mesi fa
Queen Kay...

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