biggest cumshot ever seen

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Aggiunto da pigalle 3 anni fa
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18 giorni fa
Fake...seen this before where they run a tube fown the penis n fill it up or something like that. The Japanese were doing first
28 giorni fa
damn thats hot
28 giorni fa
omg now thats a load for sure!!!!
1 mese fa
OHMYGOD! Come fuck me right now baby PLEASE! I need to be covered in all that hot cum.
1 mese fa
Thats fuckin out of control holy shit!
2 mesi fa
Gotta feel good!
3 mesi fa
all of that in my fertile womb or as much as possible in my belly... YES PLEASE!
6 mesi fa
OMG all over my face pleassse :)
7 mesi fa
fuck yeaaaa, as long as it feels good..thats what counts..a definite keeper
7 mesi fa
no fair
8 mesi fa
ho very deliciuoseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
9 mesi fa
Fucking awesome!
10 mesi fa
Wow imagine that in ya mouth mmm
1 anno fa
This is not fake. It's a disease: scrotum hypertrophia and hyperspermia.
1 anno fa
saline injection in my balls? no thank you!
1 anno fa
oh yes big big
1 anno fa
Great balls.
1 anno fa
In me on me anywhere you wnat.....
1 anno fa
I think every girl would love this cumshot for an oral or pussy cream-pie :)
1 anno fa
wow my wife would love all that cum on her face
1 anno fa
fake and dangerous
1 anno fa
That is insane!!
1 anno fa
Oh my God woooow.....
1 anno fa
Lord Jesus!!!! that is fucking AWSOME....wish he could of cum in me n all over me,&& to see those big ass balls slapping hard against my lil phat tight pussy!! I'm fucking horny now.
1 anno fa
1 anno fa
what a great cumshot and big balls
1 anno fa
Id love to gulp up a good amount of that cum. Gets me hard every time.
1 anno fa
Not a fake. Saline injection in the balls (see they are abnormally "round" and not only huge)
1 anno fa
That is fucking hot, fake or not.
I'd let him drop a nice big load like that in my pussy and let it drip down my thighs.. mmm.
1 anno fa
Fake or not, I sure got horny watching this video!

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