Porn Therapy for SAD people

Remember that feeling when summer is over and life naturally slows down? And while it's totally normal to become a little sluggish or melancholic, some people get really depressed.

Sadness, an inability to get out of bed, “life is worthless” thoughts - these symptoms might start innocently enough. But then depression is creeping into your bedroom…

Have you ever experienced sexual desire fading away? When it gets darker outside the window in fall, things get trickier in bed.

If you know firsthand the heaviness of Seasonal Affective Disorder, xHamster is here to help you out!

It’s scientif… Leggi altre informazioni

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The Miss America Porn Search Drama

Over the past few weeks Gretchen Carlson, The Head of the Miss America Pageant, has been the center of alleged bullying controversy led by Cara Mund’s accusations, last year’s pageant winner.

Curious as usual, xHamster has accumulated the searches for Cara Mund and Gretchen Carlson for the last 30 days, and the results are not what you may think.

The searches for Gretchen Carlson are 42 times more popular than searches for Cara Mund!
The Miss America Porn Search Drama
“It’s a usual scenario for xHamster users’ preferences when a hot and mature lady dominates … Leggi altre informazioni

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xHamster for Women — Frequently Asked Questions

xHamster for Women — Frequently Asked Questions
Since we first announced the xHamster for Women Fund, we’ve gotten lots of questions about how it works. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as a more detailed schedule of how funds will become available.

The link to the contest?

xHamster Porn For Women Fund

What does Porn for Women mean?

We d… Leggi altre informazioni

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Summer in the city!

It’s long and hot and sweaty summer. Are you still in the mood for sex?

With such an abundance of record-breaking heat waves across the world this summer, it’s no wonder some of us can’t stand the thought of having sex in such extreme conditions.

Well, just because it's hot, it doesn't mean you should forgo your lovey dovey sex life!

xHamster has got you covered with the selected top 5 summer-friendly sex positions.

Feel free to share your favourites – the list should be expanded!

1. Get Sideways
People call this the “Linguini,” which is fitting because this summer you feel lik… Leggi altre informazioni

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Sexton Spikes!

xHamster Reports Spike in Shauna Sexton searches
Sexton Spikes!Recently, Batman, a.k.a. Ben Affleck, was seen on a date with a playboy model, Shauna Sexton, and strangely enough without his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus.

Shauna has spiked in the news, but that isn't the only place she's seen a certain rise.

xHamster reports that there was a 181% spike in Shauna Sexton searches on its platform worldwide, and an 87% spike for Sexton on August 17th when the date was initially reported in the US.

"Obviously, ou… Leggi altre informazioni

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Why We're Creating a Fund for Women

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the number of women coming to our site skyrocket. Women make up more than a quarter of our fans but 95% of production is intended for a male audience.

Why We're Creating a Fund for WomenLet’s face it: most adult companies treat women consumers as a niche audience and even fewer create sexual content that feels authentic, or reflect their desires.We want to launch a revolution in content made by and for women, and we want to see it on xHamster.

The writing is on the wall. Porn’s future is female… Leggi altre informazioni

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Napoleon’s Birthday! Tonight, Josephine!

Sexy has no height restriction. Proven by one of the most prominent men in history!

Napoleon Bonaparte’s boudoir adventures makes for a fascinating reading. The French magnanimous emperor was quite playful with women and neither his height, nor the size of his le pénis – reputed to be on the petite side – didn’t hinder his endless stream of affairs.

xHamster has picked the hottest tiniest seductresss that would have been a perfect match for our noble birthday boy.

Vive l’Empereur!

1. LLeggi altre informazioni

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xHamster Searches for Omarosa Skyrocket!

Omarosa Manigault-Newman has the tapes on the Trump Administration, and it's causing porn viewers to wonder if the powerful political MILF might have some revealing tapes of her own.

xHamster data team checked the data and saw an over 900% increase in searches for Omarosa by Tuesday morning, with traffic skyrocketing as more revelations come out.

xHamster Searches for Omarosa Skyrocket!"This goes to show that powerful women will always hold sway over men," said Alex Hawkins, VP of xHamster. "Omarosa has become the political equival… Leggi altre informazioni

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Happy International Left-Handers Day!

Today xHamster celebrates the International Left-Handers Day, honoring all the legendary lefties here!

And we have a quick question for you: left or right?

Share in comments which hand you wank with. Let us know how you reveal yourself!

Waiting for your comments and happy wanking everyone!

Happy International Left-Handers Day!
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Summer is calling!

August is a perfect time for sex vacations. From Europe to Southeast Asia, we list the Top 8 sex tourism destinations worldwide.

08/08/18. Eight symbolizes infinity and renovation — a time when lots of people pack up and explore the world, and why not their desires!

Always being a true friend in need, xHamster has compiled the Top 8 destinations for erotic journeys.

Summer is calling!
Dominican Republic
Many Caribbean countries are currently seeing a rise in sex tourism. Dominican R… Leggi altre informazioni

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The Wild World of xHamster (NSFW)

We’re a little crazy from the heat this summer — and maybe the sudden rise of Bigfoot porn. Last week, we at the office started joking about the oddest clips we’d ever seen on xHamster. They ranged from a gymnast who hangs himself by the balls to nipple fucking. An email chain quickly went round the office, with everyone jumping in with their favorites.

We thought — sexuality is too wonderful not to share! Below,… Leggi altre informazioni

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Adult Streaming Deal for Australia’s “Candyman”

Like many across the world, we’re impressed by the stamina of “Candyman” Travers Beynon. After all, what’s not to envy when you have at least two women in bed every night, the looks of a male model, and massive million dollar parties?

Maybe a conscience. After all, Candyman made his fortune in tobacco. And while there’s still a market for the addictive plant, we want to offer the tobacco billionaire a safer alternative that might better fit his persona: porn mogul.

Unlike tobacco, porn doesn’t cause ED. In fact, quite the opposite. That’s why we’re sending out this open invitation to work w… Leggi altre informazioni

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Kiara Mia Searches Spike After Garoppolo

Kiara Mia Searches Spike After Touchdown with Garoppolo

Searches for adult star Kiara Mia spiked over the past few days following reports that she was seen with 49ers Q Jimmy Garoppolo on a date in Beverly Hills. The Kim Kardashian look-a-like star of "Keeping Up with Kiara Mia" certainly takes after her name sake when using sex scandals to grow her career — searches for the lovely Kiara were up 171% over normal. We're drawing up a contract offer for the hot star now. "xHamster's In the Endzone with Kiara Mia" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

We love Kiara, and are happy to see a care… Leggi altre informazioni

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Logan Pierce Book Giveaway

Want to know what really goes on on porn sets? Want to get inside the head of one of the industry’s most prolific studs? xHamster’s giving you your chance!

Logan Pierce — a cocksman who’s appeared alongside (or inside?) stars like Blair WIlliams, Julia Ann, Adriana Chechik and hundreds of others — has released “Between the Sheets: Rise of a Working Stiff," a memoir recounting how he got in the game, to his greatest conquests.

Logan Pierce Book GiveawayAnd he’s partnering with xHamster to give away a few copies. We c… Leggi altre informazioni

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xHamster: The World Cup 2018 Porn Data

The World Cup is almost over, and the competition has been heated and dramatic! Maybe even more so off the field, where xHamster has poured over data from FIFA countries, and seen massive World Cup traffic changes.

Rather than take away people’s attention from porn, the World Cup seems to have stoked their desires — particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Since the World Cup began, Morocco has seen a stunning 147.4% increase in traffic. Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Tunisia, and Egypt have all had an over 30% rise in traffic during the World Cup. Goal!

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Design Improvements Made After Your Feedback

With your help, we are improving xHamster day by day.

The xHamster team would like to thank you for the incredible time, feedback, and support regarding changes to the site. We have been overwhelmed with your dedication to preserving and improving the xHamster community, and have taken into account many of your suggested changes.

Here are the improvements we have made based on your recent feedback:
Users told us that the old layout was too broad and the thumbnails were too large, so we have now opted for 16*9 format, using less space for different sizes. The layout is no… Leggi altre informazioni

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Can Porn Searches Predict Love Island?

Can Porn Searches Predict Love Island?
While the contestants weather eliminations on the Island, we at xHamster have a different way of predicting which couple will be the real winner — by look at which woman* viewers are searching for most on xHamster.

We have to say, just looking at the numbers, we’ve got a fairly strong success rate of predicting. After all, among the the women scoring lowest in searches have been Kendall, Hayley and Rosie and Ellie — all gone.

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Happy 4th of July, America!

Want to know which state is most patriotic? We looked at search trends from all 50 States plus the District of Columbia, to find out which state had the most searches per capita for search terms like “American,” “Trump” and “MAGA.”

We’re not sure any of them are the best measure of patriotism, but since we don’t have many people coming to us “constitutionality” or “founding fathers,” it was the best measure we had! What we did find was that more than any other state, Idahoans want their porn to be “American!”

That, and other semi-pertinent data, below!

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Happy Canada Day, Eh?

xHamster combed through the data to get the inner workings of the Canadian (and Canadien) minds! The results were shocking.

First we looked for the most patriotic — which territory searched most frequently for their fellow Canadians in porn*. The winner? Northwest Territories, followed by Nunavut. Maybe the further north you go, the more you crave the warmth of your neighbor. The least interested in their fellow Canadians? Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador!

1. Northwest Territories
2. Nunavut
3. Prince Edward Island
4. Alberta
5. Nova Scotia
7. Manitoba
8. New Brunswick
9. Britis… Leggi altre informazioni

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Geo Index Feature: Your Feedback Needed

Recently we introduced a Geo Index feature – the ability to switch to any country from the home page and check out their local content based on your own preferences.

Have you tried it yet? Ever interested in what Swedes were looking for? Don’t know about hygge yet? Or Japanese hentai? Get switching!

Geo Index Feature: Your Feedback Needed
And please — let us know what you think. Every little bit helps, and we’re relying upon your feedback to make xHamster features even better!

xHamster team
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