Mar 16, 2017
Porn Site xHamster Announces Its Trump … and Ivanka

Names Performers for Bannon, Conway, DeVos Roles

CYPRUS — Fans of leading tube site xHamster have elected an amateur performer known only John Brutal to star as President Donald Trump in the company’s upcoming hardcore parody series. The would-be Trump’s first scene, Drain My Swamp, will be shot as the site has finalized supporting roles including Kellyanne Conway and Betsy DeVos.

“For a role this important, we couldn’t choose an establishment porn star,” says Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster. “Brutal has it all: small hands, bad hair, and absolutely no experience. We’ll be flying him out to Los Angeles for his initial shoot in the next month, and will begin preparing for the next four years with him.”

Little is known about Brutal, whose ten-second audition tape features him calling his co-star a “pig” and “a horrible woman.” He won almost ten-times the number of votes of his competition.

"My fellow Americans, as your newly elected cumander in chief I want you to rest assured that I've got yuge plans for our great nation,” said Brutal. “I want to be the President of porn for all xHamster fans and I won't stop busting my ass (or busting on asses) until I've helped deliver the most wonderful, the most fantastic, the most beautiful scenes ever filmed. I mean big league cinema, okay?! Friends, trust me, place your sexual futures in my normal sized hands, and place some lube in yours; together...let's make America 'cum again."

Blair Williams has already signed on as Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. xHamster is still casting the other roles, but says it plans to offer Julia Ann the role of Kellyanne Conway, Nina Hartley as Betsy DeVos, Tommy Pistol as Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Ron Jeremy as Steve Bannon, and Jenna Jameson the chance to play herself.

“This will be a parody production worthy of the Trump administration. While we have little indication that our man can perform the job, we’re confident that if we surround him with talented people, we’ll all get what we want. And if worse comes to worse, we’ll just have him stand around watching women pee on each other and tweeting. It’s a win-win.”

Dec 29, 2016
xHamster Releases Annual "Year in Porn" Stats for 2016

"Mature" Women, Mia Khalifa and Melania lead the way in xHamsters first annual survey of worldwide porn habits for 2016

CYPRUS — The numbers are in, and 2016 looking likes it might be the most fap-tastic year yet! Thanks to politically charged sex tapes, a nude FLOTUS-to-be and threatened porn bans in the US, UK, Israel and Russia, interest in adult content soared in 2016. Top adult tube site xHamster has released its first comprehensive survey of porn viewership in 2016. Over the next few days, xHamster will releasing stats on everything from the top search terms to most requested stars, to the countries with the highest percentage of female viewers.

  • Forget MILF! The most visited for category in 2016 was "Matures" — women in their 40s and 50s!
  • Porn star Mia Khalifa topped this year’s list of most searched for star ... but "mature" Nina Hartley wasn't far behind!
  • Searches for porn with "Hillary Clinton" (83,800) were nearly double those for "Donald Trump" (39,200) — but Melania beat them both.
  • Thailand boasted the greatest staying power of any country in the world. The shortest? Colombia.
  • Italy like blowjobs best, Filipinos want up-skirt videos and the British love to watch public sex. Guess who likes "mom"?
  • The most searched for food of the 2016? Cucumbers. (Take that, hot dogs!)

The first part of the survey is available on the xHamster blog today. Additional updates will come Friday and Monday.

That's just the start of it. Viewers watched over 1.8 billion hours of video on xHamster this year (that's 205,479 years in 2016), and what they're viewing habits told us will be some of the most illuminating numbers of the year.

For more information on the survey, or specific data requests not included, contact:

Alex Hawkins
Spokesperson, xHamster

Nov 25, 2016
xHamster Among First Adult Companies Moving To Secure HTTPS Protocol

Getting access to the best adult content online is only really exciting if the overall experience is safe and secure for your computer and your identity. That’s why xHamster is taking an important step in the right direction to announce their digital presence to be HTTPS secured from now on. The move is in sync with major tech firms like Google and important digital security advocates like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.og) who are also working diligently to provide the safest and best experience of online viewers.

HTTPS is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network using HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) within an encrypted connection via Transport Layer Security (TLS) to provide maximum protection of user privacy and to maintain the integrity of all data exchanged to and from their computer with a website. Sites that do not use HTTPS protection may be vulnerable to malicious code that can pass on viruses or malware to a viewer’s computer, or make private transactional information accessible by third-party hackers without consent of the site owner or computer user.

“xHamster offers the best free adult content for our fans, and there is no excuse in 2016 for anyone to be using HTTP without the proper protection upgrades necessary for full HTTPS compliance” said Alex Hawkins, spokesperson of xHamster. “When someone visits they can watch whatever they want with complete confidence and peace of mind because our security team is the best in the world.”

ISPs, governments and even hackers may use annoying widgets, code injection, redirects, iframes, viruses, malware, browser infections, content replacement and a wide range of other deplorable methods to confuse, attack or annoy people online. HTTPS together with HTTP/2 and other technologies protects you from all of that while also unlocking massive performance enhancements. It is faster and more secure than the older out of date versions of HTTP it is intended to replace.

“Why do other sites still use HTTP? There really isn’t any good reason” explained Hawkins. “HTTPS is better according to every security expert on the planet. So much so that Google and others are advocating a requirement that all sites make the switch to HTTPS in the future. At xHamster, we don’t want for something to be required, if it’s clearly better for our fans we always do it all right now!”

For all press and media inquiries, please contact

About xHamster

Founded in 2007, xHamster is one of the world's largest adult entertainment sites, hosting a huge variety of content to cater to all preferences.
xHamster`s goal is to raise awareness in the community about safe sex and the health of men and women around the world.

Nov 22, 2016
xHamster Issues Global Casting Call for Trump Actor

Porn Company Plans to Dominate the Trump Parody Porn Segment and Needs THE Trumpest Performer on the Planet

Today xHamster, one of the world’s largest adult entertainment sites, has issued a casting call around the world for the man to play Donald Trump in their planned 4-year series of pornographic parodies of the administration.
“The Trump transition has been turbulent for all of us. We apologize for the delay in getting out this request,” said Alex Hawkins, spokesperson for xHamster. “There is nothing more that the American public needs that quality adult content parodies to help them understand the ever shifting landscape of their Executive Branch of government.”

Ideally, qualified applicants would have a unique hairstyle that closely matches that of the 45th President of the United States. Additionally, this performer would need to be in the ‘best health of any actor to do porn,’ to have even more in common with the President-elect, whose own physician said that Trump is the ‘healthiest person to run for President in history.” Additional qualifications include the ability to make incredible deals, and bring the HUGE-ness (or “YUGE” in the parlance of Trump) of the President-elect to the small screens and tablets of our consumers.

Optional characteristics of this performer include: having small hands, “not having a problem, down there,” and an affinity for walls (glory hole optional in the wall). The ability to harness both Trump’s complete understanding of all issues without any actual knowledge of an issue, is also an optional trait.

How do you apply?

Please send a non-adult oriented video of yourself, dressed and in Trump-esque character to From there, we will post submissions to our website and allow our users to select which lucky individual will be xHamster’s official Trump for the duration of the Presidency. We plan to announce the winner the day before President Trump’s first Address to a Joint Session of Congress, often referred to as the State of the Union. This election will be determined by the popular vote. We will not be using an electoral college system to determine the winner of this vital election.

The selected will receive the Twitter handle: @realxHDonaldTrump in order to interact with voters and fans across the globe.

Following the successful casting of the newly elected President Trump at xHamster, we will conduct similar competitions for key members of his inner circle: ex-wifes, family members (of legal age), cabinet officials, and judicial nominees.

“This won’t be easy, but it will be HUGE,” continued Alex. “There is no margin for error if xHamster is going to provide the world with the real (parody) story of the next 4 years, which will be best to watch from the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom.”

Nov 15, 2016
xHamster Goes Flint, one of the largest online adult websites, entered a humanitarian role by hand delivering 10,000 bottles of drinking water to the residents of Flint.
Coming to light in April 2014, the Flint water crisis is a huge drinking water contamination issue in Flint, Michigan. Flint`s drinking water had a series of contamination problems that resulted in creating a serious public health danger, with a large percentage of people being exposed to dangerous levels of lead.

Flint used to be the host town of General Motors main manufacturing facilities, however, now the population is at about 45% unemployment rate with the water crisis largely affecting the north side of Flint – the area where the poorest residents live.
People from xHamster volunteered three days in a row, working with Catholic Charities Center for Hope, greeting the friendly people of Flint and helping to provide them with healthy drinking water.

"There is a lot of talk about helping, but we want this to show we are committed to walking the walk, and not just talking the talk." said xHamster spokesperson Alex Hawkins.

For more information on how to donate, please contact Mary Stevenson at Catholic Charities Center for Hope, in Flint Michigan, at (810) 232-9950

Aug 24, 2016
xHamster Continues Rebranding With SFW Cartoon

As millions of users have already noticed a new logo on porn giant, the company has continued its brand makeover by releasing a new SFW Cartoon called xHamsterLand.
xHamsterLand follows the company’s mascot xHamster as he checks in on the best hamster videos from around the web.
An eclectic mix of raw humor, pop culture, and raunchiness gives this new cartoon two paws up.

“We have been in the works on our rebranding strategy all year and xHamsterLand is the cornerstone of this crowdsourced makeover for one of the world’s biggest adult sites,” said Alex Hawkins, spokesman for “We know that our millions of daily visitors will enjoy xHamsterLand as much as we enjoyed writing it.”

To view xHamsterLand, click here:

Aug 16, 2016
xHamster Announces New Mascot

As savvy porn fans may have already noticed, the xHamster brand is expanding and that comes along with a badass upgrade for our logo mascot. We have had our first hamster logo on the site for 8 years and while we are all happy with the job it has done, it's time to refresh the look as we move forward with a number of new opportunities to entertain fans and excite everyone in a few other ways as well.

"The iconic xHamster mascot has been seen by more people than the Mona Lisa, and while we love it as much as our fans have, it's important to always be evolving and improving our brand" said Alexander Hawkins, Chief Marketing Officer of xHamster.

"Our audience wants to see our logo evolve because they are connected with our brand, free spirited and wild at heart. That`s why we came up with this simple but sexy new logo version. We never want to become too comfortable with something we did well long ago. We always view our own success as a challenge to see what we can do to become even better and set new levels of accomplishment for xHamster in the future.”

You may have already seen the new xHamster logo appearing as part of our partnership with Promosport Racing cycling team from Italy for the entire season 2016 as well as the announcement that you'll soon be able to enjoy world class craft beer with the xHamster name on it – the first porn beer in the world!

It's an exciting time to be part of the xHamster world and we expect to be bringing you a lot of interesting news in the days, weeks and months to cum throughout all of 2016!

Check our logo story

About xHamster:

Founded in 2007, xHamster is one of the world's largest adult entertainment sites, hosting a huge variety of content to cater to all preferences. In November of 2015 surpassed 10,000,000 members worldwide.

xHamster`s goal is to raise awareness in the community about safe sex and the health of men and women around the world.

Jun 2, 2016
xHamster announces sponsorship of WIVA WRESTLING

xHamster, one of the world's largest adult entertainment sites according to Alexa ranking, providing a huge variety of content to cater for all preferences since 2007, to become a sponsor of WIVA WRESTLING, an Italian Wrestling organization in charge of the wrestling events.

The founders of “WIVA – Wrestling Truly Authentic Italian”, armed with over 20 years of combined international experience in the wrestling environment, possess the good knowledge to run astounding live performances to impress the target audience and entertain them as its best.
The wrestlers will compete for a winning title, each fighting in the corresponding matches. These titles are represented physically by a belt that can be worn by the wrestling champion.

“Bold actions inspire our society, thus, we decided to give WIVA WRESTLING an awesome opportunity to initiate the xHamster title and take the 2016 show to a new level”, says Alexander D. Hawkins, Chief Marketing Officer at xHamster.

xHamster and WIVA Wrestling will also introduce Mr xHamster, a strong athlete with incredible wrestling skills, funny acts, a charming attitude and a “Siffredi Hard Academy” background.
With “Women or Wrestling” motto, Mr xHamster will aim at fighting all his enemies on the ring in 2016 season.

For all press and media inquiries, please contact

May 6, 2016

One of the world's largest adult entertainment sites, hosting a huge variety of content to cater to all preferences, xHamster takes one step further by hosting The Sex Factor, a web-based reality competition in search of the next top porn stars.

The Sex Factor stars porn’s hottest performers including Asa Akira leading the show’s contestants through the competition while Tori Black, Remy LaCroix, Lexi Belle and Keiran Lee serve as mentors, coaches and judges.

The private premiere party and red carpet event will take place in Hollywood on Saturday May 7th at 8:00 PM at Lure Nightclub.

Judges and contestants from the show will be available for red carpet interviews, together with the show`s Executive Producer Buddy Ruben. "We're excited to celebrate with our judges and contestants,” said Ruben. “Everyone is looking forward to sharing their unique perspective on the Sex Factor experience.".

The Sex Factor made national headlines when production was announced, with front page stories in Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Daily Mail, Gawker, Daily Beast, New York Post, and more. ABC Nightline also did a national TV feature on the series.

The ten-episode original series follows sixteen wannabe porn stars (eight guys and eight girls) who have never been filmed before. They’re not “amateurs,” they’re actual civilians who responded to an open casting call. The contestants compete in increasingly explicit challenges to win their share of a $1M prize along with instant porn superstardom.

Fans will appreciate the show’s fast-paced action, behind-the-scenes exploits, and the sheer spectacle of porn stars teaching civilians the tricks of the trade. Episodes are filled with hardcore episodes, technical coaching, drama, and all of the bloopers you’d expect.

To attend this private event, please to RSVP to (All media attending to cover the red carpet should arrive by 7:30pm).

About the Sex Factor:

Creator and Executive Producer Buddy Ruben developed The Sex Factor while working in San Francisco's tech industry. Ruben's production company was acquired by one of the largest websites on the planet, adult mega-site The new ownership moved Ruben to Las Vegas where he opened their US headquarters and production studio. Season two of The Sex Factor kicks off with an open casting call at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas January 18-21, 2017. In addition to The Sex Factor, Ruben and xHamster are developing two new adult reality shows, which will be announced in 2017.

Apr 12, 2016

Our goal is to fight for the equality for everyone and we will stand our ground.
Everybody has a right to their own sexuality and xHamster is there to love and support people the way they are.
We know what it means to be hypocritically labelled by the society.
Some politicians won`t walk the walk they talk. All the fuss about moral values being destroyed by porn is ridiculous when checking the statistics on the porn consumption state-on-state, including North Carolina, Mississippi and Tennessee.
There are hypocrites who don`t practice what they preach. Respecting others sexuality may not come easy, but this is something we must all work together to address.
Porn can`t be blamed for everything, as well as the LGBT community.
This was the reason behind the access restriction to our website in the state of North Carolina.
Naturally, we are not aimed at banning the access to xHamster in North Carolinians for ever.
We blacked out the access to our website because we wanted to draw attention of millions of people to patterns of human rights violations, and we are glad that our voice has been heard across the globe.

Make love and watch porn!

Alexander D. Hawkins,
Chief Marketing Officer

Feb 19, 2016

A top adult social network site, xHamster, one of the world's largest adult entertainment sites according to Alexa ranking, providing a huge variety of content to cater for all preferences since 2007, to become a sponsor of Promosport Racing, an Italian cycling team, in season 2016.

Born in winter 2013 from the idea of three cycling fans, Promosport Racing a.s.d. created an association that is different from the others, and whose aim is to ensure competition coupled with an unprecedented professionality. The team has set very ambitious goals for the 2016 season and they are determined to succeed.

“I tend to believe that cycling, as xHamster, is all about passion, commitment and a great deal of teamwork. It`s about accepting the challenges and exceeding the limits, while working in a team of professionals whom you can undoubtedly trust. That`s the reason why we stand behind the sponsorship of Promosport Racing team”, says xHamster.

Recent Promosport Racing team achievements in 2015 included Italian cup mtb downhill, Italian championship mtb downhill, winning the regional cross country championship, to name a few.

Federico Silvi, Promosport Racing team`s Vice President said, “It takes a viable brand for a viable team, and we couldn`t expect a better adding for season 2016! We are incredibly excited to have xHamster among our main sponsors”.

Both brands will join their efforts in the ride to promote and develop cycling as the new healthy way of lifestyle.

For all press and media inquiries, please contact

Feb 5, 2016

Since 2007 xHamster, one of the world’s largest adult entertainment sites according to Alexa rankings has provided a huge variety of content catering to all preferences. Today they bring you an idea that’s sure to revolutionize office productivity and eliminate work-related stress: The Relax Room.

There’s no greater stress reliever than a quick round of masturbation and no greater source of material for that release than xHamster. Masturbation at work is frowned upon (or strictly forbidden, in all likelihood) in most workplaces, but what if it wasn’t? What if, instead of being fired for a quick self pleasure session in the bathroom your workplace had a special room where anyone could go and release the stress of the day by watching porn? Your company would have a Relax Room.

Since its inception xHamster has been dedicated to satisfying the needs of its users, and the Relax Room is its new mission. Every office should have one so that all employees feel comfortable to relieve any pent up tension. Some companies prefer massage chairs, foot baths, and free gym memberships, but the Relax Room will trump them all for employee morale. “We’re extremely excited to introduce this video to our fans,” says xHamster. “The Relax Room is the ultimate employee benefit and we’re dedicated to making it a reality!”

For all press and media inquiries, please contact

Nov 24, 2015

A top adult social network site, xHamster, one of the world's largest adult entertainment sites according to Alexa ranking, providing a huge variety of content to cater for all preferences since 2007, has surpassed 10,000,000 members worldwide.

"We're totally excited to reach over 10, 000, 000 threshold," says xHamster. "Let's have a big round of applause for everyone that had helped us get here!"
Aimed at building an adult website, where people could have a good social time and invite friends, xHamster brings all good things into one place. The web-site includes videos, live webcams, messaging and a lot more, creating the perfect platform for users to share their amateur content, for producers to advertise the artworks, for performers to broadcast live, as well as for everyone to enjoy their online adult community.

"We must admit that when we started our website years ago just for fun, we had no idea that the fans` population would grow this fast. Thanks to the fans, we`ve become the metropolis of love – an accomplishment indeed", says xHamster.

The company focuses on spreading the love across the globe not only by words but also by deeds. Recently the xHamster team also run their first-ever breast cancer awareness campaign that was an absolute success, as the company managed to raise enough funds to support research on the breast cancer cure.

In November, xHamster team is running a fundraiser to help prostate cancer, because only in the US it goes about 30k men being affected each year, and medical professionals have discovered that ejaculations can reduce the risk.

For all press and media inquiries and to speak with the founders of xHamster, please contact