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Meeting Through Xhamster - A Gushingly True Story


... I have been on and off Xhamster for the past few years, under two different profiles. I had never met anyone in that time as I was convinced I was unattractive to any woman who might be on here. I… Leggi altre informazioni

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Notte sul lago


... Viaggiamo piano, l'auto sembra quasi scivolare fra le ombre di una notte senza stelle. La stretta strada segue le insenature del lago e la luna si riflette appena, mascherata da nuvole nere… Leggi altre informazioni

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Suzie's adventure continues...


... After the Sunday morning blow job on Tom in the office, Suzie's mid-thirties insatiable sexual desire came into full swing. She was a woman unchained and ready to experience as much extramarital… Leggi altre informazioni

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AnaleSesso lesbico

... Anne eine gute Freundin ist für das Wochenende zu uns gekommen. Wir sind dann erst in die Stadt gegangen und haben uns mit ein paar Freunden getroffen. Wir haben etwas gegessen und ein bisschen… Leggi altre informazioni

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Liebe, Tod und Neuanfang Kapitel 3


... Kapitel 3 Eines Tages, es war an einem tristen Freitag im November gegen einundzwanzig Uhr, fiel mir wieder die Decke auf den Kopf. Ich musste raus, musste unter Menschen. Also zog ich mich um, warf… Leggi altre informazioni

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Zimmermädchen fickt Gast (Teil 4)

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... Seit einigen Jahren arbeite ich als Zimmermädchen in einer kleinen Pension. Ich liebe Sex am Arbeitsplatz. Heute erzähle ich euch, wie ich einen Berufsschüler entjungfert habe. 17.05.2016 (Dienstag… Leggi altre informazioni

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La longue patience imposée à Valérie de Lyon

FetishMasturbazionePrima volta

... Elle avait 21 ans. Il n'en avait pas beaucoup plus, et pourtant Il cultivait un certain art érotique depuis toujours, comme si les choses de l'amour avait quelque chose de transcendental et d'inné… Leggi altre informazioni

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White Pussy Boy 4 Gay

FetishUomo gaySesso interrazziale

... "Yo, man, it's Jay. Come on over. Yeah. In the bedroom. Just come on in. Front door's not locked. You bet he is. He'd say hi, but he's got his mouth full." Jay laughed. I stared up at him in shock… Leggi altre informazioni

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confessions Part 3 taken

Prima voltaSesso di gruppoMature

... CONFESSIONS Part 3 TAKEN Days were passing by; I was teasing Assarudeen when there was a chance. There were quite a few chances of nearly getting caught. Mostly Muthu he was keeping a close eye what… Leggi altre informazioni

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Indian Wife & Photographer


... "Love, If you don't mind I would like to say something. " he said playing with her nipples. They were lying in bed. Anita was naked and Shekhar's body language distinctly showed that he was aroused… Leggi altre informazioni

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Geheimnissvolle Kräfte 26


... So, ist das wirklich alles? Und was ist mit Jochen? Steckst du nicht auch dahinter, dass er mit mir am selben Tag Schluss gemacht hat? Wie hast du das eigentlich hinbekommen?", fragte ich hart, obwohl… Leggi altre informazioni

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Nach dem Yoga


... Es war ein heißer Tag als sich Tobias eine Woche später wieder auf den Weg zum Yoga machte. Unterwegs fragte er sich wie sich Laura verhalten würde und ob sie wieder alleine… Leggi altre informazioni

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Rachel pt3

AnaleSesso di gruppoSesso interrazziale

... Rachel pt 3 I slept but it was restless sl**p . I woke early showered , shaved my pussy armpits and legs fingered my cunt for a couple of minutes all the while thinking about two big cocks about… Leggi altre informazioni

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Alex und Ben


... "Ben, weißt Du eigentlich wie spät es ist?" Vorwurfsvoll steht sie vor mir. Natürlich weiß ich es. "Du wolltest vor eins zu Hause sein, jetzt ist es vier!" Wenn ich sie so höre, klingt sie wirklich… Leggi altre informazioni

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Gorgia Spies On Kristy (And Her Old Man)


... I had no idea that Kristy was already into sex, and I'd certainly never figured she was fucking with John her old man. He wasn't a tall guy but he was very muscular. Kristy was a sexy piece of ass… Leggi altre informazioni

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Le mie storie (36) (prima parte)

MasturbazionePrima volta

... Ho appena finito la pausa pranzo, entro allo studio e la segretaria mi fa sorridendo "il grande capo ha lasciato delle pratiche sulla tua scrivania con una busta. Credo che tu debba portargliele… Leggi altre informazioni

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Girls At The Beach Threesome

AnaleMatureSesso di gruppo

... It started early Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend when I got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. We were renting a beach house in the Outer Banks and I was really thirsty from… Leggi altre informazioni

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Adventures of Carl

HardcoreSesso interrazzialeMature

... Carl is a 52 year old black male. He is 5'8 and 155 lbs. He is physically fit runs every day and goes to the gym for at least hour and a half a day. He is also a widow. He married his grade… Leggi altre informazioni

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Shaving your Package


... Have you thought about shaving your cock and balls but weren't sure how to go about it? Maybe your partner is pestering you to shave them but you're too scared to try it, let alone have someone else… Leggi altre informazioni

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140 Forever a keeper


... 140 Forever a keeper Now me I`ve never been a town boy, since I was a k** it was the open air and the woods for me. Thus as soon as I was old enough off I went to the nearest estate and got me… Leggi altre informazioni

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