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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present 2

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Half an hour later while I was sat chatting to Sheila the barmaid, the girls walked in. "Hi again Sparky" "Oh no" I thought. "Hi girls ok" "Fine" they replied "Would you like a drink" Claire asked "We could share a bottle of wine". "You're not old enough to drink" I stated. "Sheila can we buy Sparky a drink" "As long as Sparky pays" Sheila replied. Claire gave me a fiver and I ordered the bottle and Sheila came back with the wine and three glasses and winked at me. We moved to a corner table. "Like our new gear" Katie asked. They looked stunning. Again bare legged, short denim skirts and… Leggi altre informazioni

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My football nightmare

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Tricked at Football Party I meet a nice looking black guy named Jocko, during the New Year’s Eve swingers’ party. Since me and my girlfriend were too drunk to drive home, he drove us back to his place to sleep it off. I was too tired from enjoying lots of guys and just instantly crashed but Sandy had fun with Jocko. The next day, he asked if we would like to go to a football party on the 1/18. Sandy couldn’t make it because other obligations. I asked what type of party was it. He laughed and told me that he would give me $500 to go as his escort. How did he know that I dabbled in esco… Leggi altre informazioni

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Grandma Denise and Aunt Steffie


M y mom’s house was in disarray, as usual, the unruly siblings of mine were out of control. Today mom was bopping from kitchen to living room and up the stairs shouting orders, questions and reminders. I was on the couch, my weekend bag next to me, watching USC getting abused on the football field. My dad was at work, doing an extra weekend shift to keep us afloat. "God, where are they?" My mom said, looking out the window at the wet, leaf blown driveway. "It's OK Mom," I said. "You need to relax." "Thanks so much for doing this again. I know you don't like going there but your Grandma real… Leggi altre informazioni

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Frist time sucking cock

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Hey there. I am 46 yrs old virgin to cock (or I should say was a virgin) . I always wanted to try sucking a cock but was to afraid to try it. I got up my nerve an went to an ABS with glory holes. I walked in an went straight to a booth. I 8nserted my money in and picked a god seen of a to fucking a guy. I undone my belt an unbutton my pant and got my had cock out. My cock is cut average 6 incher an about 1 an three quarters thick. I was about to set down when I saw 2 fingers come through the hole between booths. I turned an stuck my cock thru. The hands on the other side fondled it then took t… Leggi altre informazioni

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My Sis Betty


I lightly massaged her clit which she seemed to enjoy. When I did that, she said, "What are you doing? You know it would be i****t to put that big thing in me." "But we can play around and have some fun. You seem to like what I'm doing," I said. "OK, that feels good." I removed my fingers to enter my thumb. I probed in the upper part of her pussy trying to massage a sensitive spot that I had heard about. I didn't know if it would work, but she started thrusting lightly against my thumb. I pulled my thumb out and saw the opening of her hole with moisture ready for my cock to fill it. I didn'… Leggi altre informazioni

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Mother and daughter share lovers

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It was that time of year again, time for Dad to dump the family at the summer cottage and return back to the city to work. The cottage was a cozy fake log cabin on the shore of Echo Lake, one of the hundreds of small lakes dotting the Muskoka Lake of Bays district. A four-hour drive north from the city it was a sanctuary of nature away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Every year since we were k**s my dad would leave mom and us at the cottage for the summer while he tended his used car lot back in the city. One of the local year-round inhabitants, Jack Hammond, got the cottage ready each… Leggi altre informazioni

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Troy and his brother

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I urge you to read our previous stories before this one for some background but here is the very brief summary. Things had been going well between my wife and I and our young neighbour Troy. Troy, our young neighbour, had recently turned 23, my wife is now 45. He’s cocky for his age and rightly so. He’s tall and muscular, works out daily, is a fireman and has a cock that is over 8” long with a head the size of a plum. My wife Erin’s extremely sexy, at 5’8” and 130 lbs with nice C-cup breasts and a tight ass and waist, once red hair and the sexual attitude and appetite to go along with it. I… Leggi altre informazioni

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Business Meeting

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I had a business meeting late afternoon with a client who was looking to spend allot of money with our company. I was told by our owner to do what ever it took to seal the deal. I had picked a very nice restaurant with a very fancy bar attached to it. I arrived early to insure that everything was set and in order to go. I sat at the bar and had two drinks while waiting on the client to show. While sitting there I noticed an older lady sitting at a table alone in the corner of the room. She was a total knock out and was dressed to impress for sure. She was wearing a short white dress mid thigh… Leggi altre informazioni

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Wife gives friend a pity jerk

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My wife is most certainly not the kind of woman who would be into swinging, or any type of group play really. And she is not the cheating type at all either. In fact, sex to her is probably just something she thinks about once or twice a month, then once she gets off, it is out of her mind for quite some time. I know this about her, and don't mind, because to me she is still so hot. It is worth the wait for me, and in between fucks, I occupy myself sniffing her pussy on her panties, and jerking off to naked pics of her. That being said, there was nothing more shocking to me than her suggesti… Leggi altre informazioni

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Point of no return?

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I can't believe I walked through the door. I told myself over and over that it would never happen, that it would always remain a fantasy. Here I am on my knees and the the most perfect specimen is mere inches from my face. It is cut, long, smooth, and capped with a large mushroom head. I know I want to taste it, to run my tongue up an down it, to take it inside my salivating mouth. I can't, I can't go beyond the point of no return. But I can grab it, I can stroke it, and so, I do. I feel it throbbing in my hand, it is smooth. It is thrusting in from that hole and it feels good in my hand. I… Leggi altre informazioni

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You never noticed?

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A neighborhood couple recently started the cuckold lifestyle. The k**§ had moved out and her sexual appetite had outgrown his. It started at parties and bars with friends. Kissing, feeling up, and fingering. The first time they said it was a swinger 3way, although all he mainly did was watched his wife satisfied for the first time in years. It got more frequent with him getting sloppy seconds. It was a good relationship. She is way younger than him, with an increasing sex drive. His was waning, and he didn’t like the side effects of viagra. They took home a large man from the bar and had more… Leggi altre informazioni

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How to get pregnant part 1 and 2

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How to get pregnant Part 1 Donna and I are a white couple, We have been married for 2 years . Some people consider us as an odd couple because of how different it was between my wife and I. I am 60 years young, a fit build, very out going and confidant. Donna is 37 years old, on the plump side, keeps to herself and has no confidence . You got to wonder what I saw in her. After dating a lot of bimbos it was a pleasant change to meet a down to earth woman. I could see Donna really cared about me and that was something missing in my life. What did Donna see in me? A person who listened to her.… Leggi altre informazioni

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Men Are The New Women

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I had a great time at the adult arcade last night! I absolutely LOVE this time of year! There was a chill in the air when I went for my morning coffee, so after my bubble bath, and leisurely painting my nails and applying my makeup, I chose some black tights, and a red top, with a black bolero jacket over that, and a pair of red heels. And of course, I got LOTS of attention on my walk to the arcade! I got inside about 4 and went straight to my favorite booth, and stripped down to just my 2 -piece black string bikini and the high heels. I propped the door open with my bag and sat next to the d… Leggi altre informazioni

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her son tasty treat

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I knew something was up as soon the dinner was over, it was the 2nd time we had a bbq with my soccer teamate at his place, mom and Miss harvey had become good friend all in the terasse outside drinking wine and chattin about life stuff neither of our mom aware of my hand wrapped around my friend hard cock all dinner , under the table rybbing his nice cock over his short last bbq we played ps4 our moms downstair my mom went home without me, staying to sleep over at my friend place for the first time her son walking me to the shower , i was shy but still got inside naked watching him get in… Leggi altre informazioni

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Jane Goes Black

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Steve stood perfectly still in the deep dark wardrobe, the sliding door slightly ajar, but offering a complete view of the lit bedroom. All he had to do now was wait. His watch turned to 8pm, exactly on cue, he heard the click of the door tag and voices as they stepped inside. Jane looked radiant in a short green lacy dress, high heels and hosiery – it also became apparent that she was very horny. Just 5ft 4in, but four inches higher in her stilettoes, her powerfully built black companion towered above her, his large hand grasping her tiny white hand tipped by immaculately fashioned red paint… Leggi altre informazioni

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Two older men

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My husband and I was a very young couple at the time of this happen I was only 20 at the time we always when to a wee pub on a Saturday night my husband had met two older friends at the pub there are two older men who lost their wives. We would ask one of them or the other would come to our home for dinner. I could see they were lost. I began to feel such sympathy for them. Most nights when one or the other had dinner with us, they would sleep over in our spare room. On one such night, my husband and I had went to our bedroom and were talking. Is when he told me he was worried for our friend… Leggi altre informazioni

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Going Fishing Again

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The sun had yet to rise when I rolled out of my empty bed. The bitch, I mean my wife had left yesterday to spend a couple of weeks with her sister in Boston so I planned to start my brief freedom with some fishing. If I’m really lucky the cute little black girl will be down at the lake again. My dick stared to get hard at the memory of her cute round ass and the way it jiggled as I’d bent her over the tailgate of my truck and fucked her silly. I resisted the urge to jack off and grabbed some shorts and a t-shirt. After getting dressed I poured a big travel mug with coffee and loaded the cooler… Leggi altre informazioni

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Anal ruin


anet was a cute girl, 20 years old. She had long dark hair, a bit more than average sized breasts and was about 5 feet, 6 inches. When she was 15 she discovered the pleasure of inserting objects into her pussy and ass. It all started with curiosity, some candles, cucumbers, apples. At the age of 18 she had her first boyfriend who acknowledged her skills and well-trained holes and started to teach her how to take a man's fist in the ass. It took about 3 months but he finally managed to get his whole hand into her. About a year later she could take his fist with ease - her bottom hole being perm… Leggi altre informazioni

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Wife Trains Me to Eat Cum

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It started innocently enough. You were allowing me to jerk off and lick my precum off your nipples like normal. Then you began whispering as I licked you that it was such a shame that I didn't want to taste cum after my orgasm. You talked about how you knew I wanted to do it, and how much it would please you. I nodded as I was getting closer to cumming. You made me stop. You asked how could we make it happen? How could I eat cum when I was so grossed out by it after I came? You let me start jerking again as you whispered that if it was not my cum, but another man's cum I would still be in t… Leggi altre informazioni

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My Ex girlfriend cuckolds me Part 3


You will need to have read parts 1 & 2 for this to make sense but this is the true story of the breakup with my ex girlfriend Louise when we were both turning 30. So Louise had left and it gave me time to reflect on the last year or so but also to remember what a good time we had enjoyed in the early days. I was unsure of what the future might bring but the good news appeared to be that we would remain friends. Reflecting on the last few previous hours had been wild and learning about Louise’s obsession with this monster cock had been an insight into the relationship that we had. She was… Leggi altre informazioni

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