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I Top & My Wife Loves It

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Somewhere along the path of our new life we had invited a guy over to join us. When we met him at the door there was a bravado he tried to carry with him. Kind of a "I've seen it all and I'm an Alpha" kind of attitude. We invited him in and enjoyed a drink, although "enjoyed" is a term I use liberally. As usual the conversation turned to our experiences and sure enough he wanted us to know he was the top dog. I smiled and stared at him. Her returned my stare for a moment or two before breaking it off and looking away. I knew in that moment what he was full of. As the evening went on and we g… Leggi altre informazioni

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The Twins - Part 1

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Nate was a bit different. He knew this more than anyone. There were things about him that no one knew. If they did he would probably be ridiculed and made fun of, or worse. So, he kept his secrets to himself. He was a tallish; 5’8”, slim man with a decent sized package; 6 ½“, and an attractive; if somewhat feminine face. In fact, a lot of his features were more feminine. He had what most referred to a girl’s ass; it was small and round, long slender legs and a very unnoticeable Adams apple. It also didn’t help that he had no body hair on him at all; except for legs but that was not as much as… Leggi altre informazioni

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GF Fuck my Black Roommate Blacken

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Lightning flashed across the dark sky as Steve lifted his travel bag from the open trunk of Crystal's Taurus. He opened the door for her and said, "I see my new roomie is home. It will be raining cats and dogs by the time you get back to the Campus. You might as well come in for a drink or two, meet Jack, and we can watch TV or whatever until the storm passes. Thunder rolled ominously. Steve took Crystal's hand and led her to up to the door of his apartment. He set the bag down and began fumbling for his keys. Suddenly, the light came on and the door swung open to reveal the huge black man beh… Leggi altre informazioni

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Sometimes A Girl just needs to be Fucked Blacken

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He grabbed my hips and pressed against me from behind. Without turning around I could tell he was much taller than me. His hands were large and hot with long fingers that dug into my flesh. I stood paralyzed pressed against the bar with the crush of bodies crowding the place. I had been waiting 15 minutes for a drink and was ready to give up and head home. The night seemed a bust since none of my friends had shown and there was little male talent to speak of. I'm quite pale and have glossy dark brown shoulder length curls. At 5'7" with ample C cup breasts and long shapely legs I looked pre… Leggi altre informazioni

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A lone, cold stare from the yellow-white moon peered wordlessly over the bleakness of the Carpathian Mountains, with only the faint howls of the wolves who sought both food and shelter from the wintry winds and faint snowfall threatening to blanket the Transyl-Romanian countryside; indeed, this rule by Nature herself was tolerated if not fully accepted and celebrated. Warmth from the newly-established April spring only made a brief presence in the stillness and chill of the mountains. Far into the inner depths of the Carpathians, only partially hidden from the ominous, inclement weather, sto… Leggi altre informazioni

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Don't Ever Stop Fucking Me Blacken

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I stood in the shower trying hard not to stare at the guy next to me. I knew him. His name was Tyler Thompson. He and I worked together at the brewery. I just never saw him naked before. It wasn't the color of his skin that I couldn't help looking at, though he was black. It was the enormity of the huge black cock hanging down between his legs. I had never seen one as big. Suddenly he laughed out loud and in his booming voice said, "Go ahead and take a good look, George. I'm used to it." Showering at the brewery before going home from work wasn't my usual practice, but the showers were… Leggi altre informazioni

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Sara and My Long Awaited Trip the to the Sun - PAR

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"Just remember one thing: I am a slut and You are my Mistress. Treat me like one. ( ... )" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Acrostic Sex Story in Ten Tasty Quadruplts Quite Unexpectedly Undressing Two Teens: T A S T Y T E E N S As Almost Always, We Will Spice our Sex Story with Pretty Pictures of Private Parts and even a Solo Sex Video! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… Leggi altre informazioni

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My “girl” Caroline.

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It has only been a couple days since that amazing night on the beach and then back at Carolines apartment, but I was going crazy. (The story, “A date with Caroline.”) I wanted to see her again. We had made plans to see each other that Friday and hours seemed like days as I waited. When Friday night arrived, I found myself getting hard as I drove to her place. I couldn’t help but squeeze my erection, I could feel pre cum leaking from my tip already, in anticipation. Caroline met me at her door wearing only a towel. In her adorable broken English she said, “Hi, come in. I am still getting rea… Leggi altre informazioni

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Mature Gentelmen.


A few months ago I befriended an old couple of men who lived together, all ways walking together, at first I thought they were an old gay couple. Until I found out that they were brothers. Andy and Ray were both in their mid to late 60's. One day during last summer, I was doing a delivery next door (I'm a courier driver) Andy called out to me and asked me to come on over for a few minutes. I had a bit of spare time and said sure. I made sure the van was locked up nice and securely and made my way into the three bedroom house. Andy looked a little worried as Ray wasn't home at the time, which I… Leggi altre informazioni

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It Started with a Sleepover

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“Quiet!” Darin yelled to the giggling girls on the other side of the wall. “We are trying to sleep!” Darin’s daughter Brooke had just turned 18 and was having her friend, Tami spend the night. Not that they needed the excuse, as Tami slept over every other weekend or so, often enough that the Swanson family purchased Tami her own bed so that she would have a comfortable place to sleep while she was there. Most nights they were fine, but tonight they were being unusually loud. Darin looked over at his sleeping wife, Megan, in envy. She could sleep through anything he thought. He closed his e… Leggi altre informazioni

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Friend's Horny Daughter

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"This chick needs some dick," I heard her say as I walked by her room. I couldn't believe my ears. I didn't mean to eavesdrop but I couldn't help but overhear Candi tell her friend as the two girls talked on the phone. I stopped in my tracks and my dick immediately stood at attention as if it was saying, "Here I am! Use me! Use me!" I stepped closer to the cracked door and peeked in. There she was sitting on her bed, her back to the door oblivious to the fact that I was watching her. I could see over her shoulder and noticed that she was holding the phone in one hand and had the ot… Leggi altre informazioni

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Two Brothers And My Mom

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Two Brothers And My MomTwo Brothers And My MomTwo Brothers And My MomTwo Brothers And My MomTwo Brothers And My MomTwo Brothers And My MomTwo Brothers And My MomTwo Brothers And My Mom
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A good night's sleep that changed our lives !

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My name is Paul. I'm a gorgeous lad in his early 20s, with brown, bushy hair and rare black eyes. My mother's name is Christine. She's an amazing red head that looks a lot like Lea Massari in her youth-early middle age (FYI, Lea Massari has starred in an i****t theme film; lol, life's coincidences are hilarious sometimes). My father died a few years ago and bequeathed a small business empire to us. Mommy found trustworthy hands to leave the empire's management to, so the two of us just enjoy our lives, day and night. Yes, i know we're blessed by life, i know you hate us righ… Leggi altre informazioni

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If You Had Just Said No

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My wife Sally is 48 has the body and energy of a 24 year old, 5” 2” 105 lbs, hot auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, 34D boobs a waste that I could put my hands around, and the cutest butt you have ever seen. In a word she was HOT! We were married 22 years but still had sex two or three times a week. That being said when it came to sex Sally was very concretive, sex missionary only, she lover oral on her never would her lips touch my cock and don’t even let my fingers or cock get near her butt! My name is Al, I’m 49, 190 lbs brown hair and 6” thick cock I have a good Government Job and make a… Leggi altre informazioni

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Slave Of Blacks

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My name is Bavi. This is my real sex story which includes fiction at time. I was brought up at my grand parents as my parents were killed in an accident. With loads of freedom at home I use to… Leggi altre informazioni

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Lucky Thong Get Me Life


My husband got a 6 inches thin dick and for first 2 month I was satisfy with it as we were having sex almost daily but then… Leggi altre informazioni

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I Loved This New Genre


I am Harika 25years old, from Tamil Nadu, happily married since 5 years and having a beautiful angel. This incident happened before 8 years in a bus journey to Bangalore. It was a month since my boy-friend left to Bangalore. Before that we were very happy spending lite moments in the same office. I left the job recently at that time, so thought of going to Bangalore for a week before i join-in my new company. We were in relationship for 2… Leggi altre informazioni

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Slut Side Of Me

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I am a student. I study far from my home.I used to be very good girl until I met some guys. I made some good friends in college. It used to be lot of fun. I was one of the beautiful girls in our class. I knew many had eyes on me. Then one day I received a message from… Leggi altre informazioni

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A Good Custom To Have

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I am Harika, …First of all thanks to everyone who have taken their time in mailing me without your encouragement I would have stepped writing. And for the people who don’t know about me.. ageing 26 from tamil nadu, happily married and blessed with 2 k**s. Kindly read my previous stories and share your feelings about those stories. This story is a pure fiction and please forgive me I am bad with my narration and with my english. It was heavily raining outside. The monsoon has just started… Rahul, whom I have married with before a year and half was busy decorating the largest room in our ho… Leggi altre informazioni

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Huge Milk Maid Pt 2


After that glorious time spent getting to squeeze Trisha’s huge titties while she jerked out the largest sperm ever outta me, things didn’t go immediately as planned. Trisha was too frightened to get together with me again. And, unfortunately, her rational was understandable. She was in charge of all other house staff, and had been for several years. She was so experienced at her job that my parents lives were made much easier. As such, they were constantly throwing money at her, and they made it almost impossible for her to seek employment elsewhere. Not that she would have, mind you. She lov… Leggi altre informazioni

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