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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-4

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Thank you so much my dear friends for your instant feedback. As I said you, we met uncle Mayura in a party in our capital city, from that day he lusted for my mother, I started helping him and finally he did cuddling with mom. He had already rubbed his dick in my birthplace, Mother’s pussy. Mom too enjoyed it a lot. But unfor… Leggi altre informazioni

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-3

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( As I am waiting outside, I heard the sound in mobile… please leave my hands Mayura… ow leave me.. leave me….) May :- Come to bedroom Mom:- No, leave me. I will complain to my hubby… leave me.. leave me… ( I just moved into home in my toe. Time is around 2.45 p.m. ) The sound is from our room. I placed the vegetable bag in the table without making any noise and hiding at the doorstep. I… Leggi altre informazioni

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-2


As I decided to help my uncle, he said if you corporate with me, follow my orders and maintain this secret you can have full fun with your mom. His words make me hard. I want my mom at any cost. May:- Shall we sneak into your parents bed room? Me:- No uncle, I am scared May:- Don’t worry. I am with you. Come on Me:- Ok. That moment we can feel the footsteps of mom moving into her room f… Leggi altre informazioni

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-1

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This is Raju here. This is the first time i am writing a story. If any fault in this story please excuse me. And this is a real incident happened in my life. I am from a very cultural part in Sri Lanka. I am a Tamil person. My city is known as the head of culture in the world. I assume that you all know very well about our Tamil culture and Tamil girls and also their dressing styles, behavior, their religious aspects, relationship between husband and wife a… Leggi altre informazioni

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Taking Mom in front of Dad


This story would be best you could ever read. This story is absolutely real but I cannot reveal my identity. Well I am 21 years old guy I am s/w engineer and recently completed my engineering. In my family there is my papa, mom, and me. Papa is a project manager in ONGC and he always lives on sites of drillings like in tripur… Leggi altre informazioni

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Gangbanging The Bride-To-Be

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Most of our college friends had started getting engaged and married as we were all around the same age, 31-33 years. Vivek was one of the close friends of my gang whose wedding we had all been waiting for a long time. He was very rich and it would be a big fat Indian wedding. He was in a relationship with a girl named Roopal… Leggi altre informazioni

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Local BDSM Play Party with my 2 Brats.


Due to work Commitments & Life, I haven't written for sometime, this took place a few months ago, it was a great night that we all enjoyed. It started out with my 2 slaves dressing for the night, alice wore a one piece black leather outfit with the black collar with crystals & O-Ring & black knee high heels, while diana had new red heels with black stockings, short black/red skirt with a black see through top & of course a Collar, a metal collar with O-Ring. They both looked so hot and sexy & were in their best bratty behavior. It was Saturday night & we were ready to… Leggi altre informazioni

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who would have thought?


So I was on the train looking at her pictures on my phone and trying to make sure that noone else was able to see them. She had sent me two photos, one showing her face and one of her pussy. Neither one of them looked great, but they were good enough for me to make this trip to another city on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of a hot summer. The Train ride took about half an hour and I was getting hornier from station to station. Everything had been negotiated beforehand and I was pretty sure that we were going to fuck. It was the hottest day of the year and I was dripping sweat from the… Leggi altre informazioni

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Shared with my husband's friend


That night I was really tired after a long day at the office, so, when my hubby suggested we could go out for a drink, I declined the proposal and said that I would go to bed. Then Victor called a couple friends and they agreed to meet at the local bar. I went to bed before he came back, hoping he would not want sex… I had passed out early, but around midnight Victor woke me up, saying he wanted me to go downstairs. I was a bit tipsy, but he insisted and went down before me. Then I put on a night gown over my naked body and a pair of low sandals. When I got downstairs I heard him talking to so… Leggi altre informazioni

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Trimming the Hedge


I had put garden tools in the back of the ute and was heading to the front door to collect the money when Jane walked out the front door. She turned to her two little boys and told them to go inside. "Um Dave can I pay you next week." Jane eyes pleading for help. "Sorry Jane I need to get something off you today. " I looked at the young woman struggling not to cry. Her little toddlers came down the path. "Mommy what's for dinner?" The taller one asked. She broke down in tears. "Jane maybe we can come to an arrangement " I sympathised I had been where she was now. Struggling alone a… Leggi altre informazioni

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Glorious box, holy initiation

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“I’m ready,” she said through the hole before leaning back. Her voice felt too high pitched; she cleared her throat as she waited on her knees, her hands folded on her lap like a good girl. She was naked. The only light she had in her box was her phone’s flashlight, shining from a corner behind her. She knew what to expect. After all, dicks were dicks regardless of shape or size. Yet, her heart pounded in her chest, and she gasped audibly as her first customer slid through the hole. It was white and thick with an artery ragi… Leggi altre informazioni

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True Love?


I once had a beard. It was a really unimpressive beard some might've said, but it was my beard none the less. At the beginning everything was great between me, my chin and my beard. It felt great! But after just a few weeks that feeling all changed. This was when my beard began to take over more and more, which led to me having to spend more time with taking care of my beard. I didn't really mind though, but my chin did... it felt neglected. It felt as if I had abandoned it, and maybe I had. Who cares? I'm a beardboy now! I proudly announced to the world. I felt like a was the coolest cat in t… Leggi altre informazioni

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Bit of bonding with my old friend (fyfff)

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I arrived at my friend Adam's house on a dark winter evening. He was a close friend of mine for over 10 years but I hadn't seen him in nearly a year. We always kept in contact though and planned this night many times. I had arranged to brink some drink and he had a bag of weed arranged. As he opened the door I remembered still being shocked at the sheer width of the guy. He's about 6, 4 and 20 stone plus. As chubby as he is he pulls it off and looks like a powerlifter. He's a metal head with long hair, beard and piercings but he is a gentle giant. A genuinely nice guy that's had a tough hand d… Leggi altre informazioni

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Mommy Leaves Daddy and Britney Alone


“Mmmmmm…..” Britney moaned quietly while she ran her fingers along her pussy. It was rare that she ever wore panties, but sometimes the material felt good on her clit when she would masturbate. The thin cotton g-string she was wearing this morning was doing the trick. Her parents had been fucking for around an hour now and she felt like she was right there with them. Their bed quietly tapped against the wall with her father’s thrusts or her mother’s grinding; she wasn’t sure which. Every now and then she would hear her mother groan as her father hit her particularly deep. What she really lik… Leggi altre informazioni

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Adult Store Arcade

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Hello fellas, I gonna tell you an story of an incident that happened to me not to long ago. My husband and I were in the city on a business trip for few days, on the second day after we had dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away from where we were staying, we decided to go for a walk around window shopping just to see what we could see or maybe shop, we had not any intentions on buying anything but we didn't discard anything either as a matter of fact we were going for the walk and I wanted to get some fresh air after drinking a couple of glasses of wine to get my head a little clear from th… Leggi altre informazioni

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Just another White Girl Blacken

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Fella's I can't tell you how many times I have heard several white girls say to there friends "I would never sleep with a black guy, its nothing personal I just prefer white men". What a joke, here's an example... Short story one: The Rich White Brat. I use to have a condo on the northside of Chicago near Milwaukee and Damen, which is considered a hip part of the city. I was literally walking distance from all the major bars and restaurants, which was good in case I was too drunk to drive home. One Thursday night, I was in a frisky kind of mood so I headed up the local pick up bar "Borderlin… Leggi altre informazioni

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She makes me horny


PNOTE: If you don't like cuckold stories, please don't read any further. *** I am not sure if Mary, my wife, is starting to consider cuckolding me or not but she sure is getting into the roleplaying. She will occasionally text me and say that she is horny thinking about some guy, or she has a wet surprise for me when she gets home. This kind of talk makes me love her more every day. Like the other day, she didn't come home for lunch. Instead, she texted me that she was having lunch with a friend. I asked her what she was wearing? She told me that she had white lace bikini panties on an… Leggi altre informazioni

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Social Worker Takes Advantage

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You know it’s wrong. How do you stop it? Why should you stop it? Is there some primal need in you so desperate to explore the dark but oh so sweet side, taste the forbidden fruit, just once, only once, you promise yourself, knowing damn well you’ll break that promise…… Summer. She begged you to take her away from her ‘useless as fuck family’ (her words), she followed you out of the house and got in the passenger seat of your van before you knew she was there. You were at breaking point with the family. You’d put in hours of time, hassle at work from the boss, hassle at home from the late night… Leggi altre informazioni

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CHAPTER SIX: Reality hit me hard after the adventure of tracking and killing the elk. It wasn’t that my effort or success could be faulted, but the preparation and allotment of time afterwards was sorely lacking. I was focused on the hunt and kill, without understanding or appreciating the time involved afterwards in making the jerky and tanning the hide. I completed much of the jerky last night and I was not able to sleep late. This was another difference from the 21st century gal. I couldn’t merely pull the d****s… Leggi altre informazioni

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CHAPTER FIVE: Before my eyes registered anything about the new day, I knew I was alone in the shelter. Not that I expected Bo to remain next to me and allow snuggling, but it was still a ‘missing’ sensation. I rolled onto my back, the lab coat I was using as a cover falling to the side. As my mind relived parts of the night before, my hands moved over my body, caressing my breasts, down my stomach, and between my slightly part legs. My pussy felt slightly puffy and tender and I sighed at the memory of how Bo had so c… Leggi altre informazioni

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