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Dominated and used as a playtoy by the underwear l


She had gone from being quiet and demure to being outward even forward and engaged. Her awareness of the situation and of her role had changed her. She became more insistent, more demanding. Perhaps even controlling, she had grown a great deal over the years. Controlling him became the center most aspect of their sexuality. They still fucked and made love like a couple, intimate, caring it was always very good. But mostly now her dominant side appeared. Now don't confuse her dominance like a dominatrix, she still had much further to go if that was her path, but it isn't and never will be. A tr… Leggi altre informazioni

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The Best Mom

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Carrie Ann is such a pretty song by the Hollies, and such a pretty girl next door. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, not fat but not thin, with just enough meat on her bones to grab and hold on to. Large soft breasts, not really firm and hanging with a sexy look about them, wide hips that are just made for fucking. I just hope her Dad, Rod doesn’t ever catch me fucking her. I’m 37 while she is only 19. OK, I know it’s not right but Shit, She has a look that just say’s fuck me Ted in her eyes when I see her. How this all started was I was in my back yard doing some yard work I had been putting off… Leggi altre informazioni

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Moguls - Father-Son Breakfast

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Luca Alessandro Marc Branch woke up early. Next to the six-foot-two-inch, slender, cashew-skinned man lay his wife, Tenika. He picked up his cell phone and perused a couple of news stories before messaging his father to see if the old man was awake. It buzzed back shortly thereafter indicating that Doug Branch was indeed up and at ‘em. ‘What’s up,’ wrote the dad. ‘Nada. Wanna run out and grab some breakfast?’ ‘Yeah! Give me 10.’ The Branch men met outside on the front porch. Luca was dressed in a crimson and grey St. Joseph’s University basketball tee and silver Under Armour athletic pants.… Leggi altre informazioni

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Our First Full Swap Adventure

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Molly and I had been married for about three years or so, both still in our twenties. We had just bought our first home and were just getting started on our life together. We had already shared a few sexual adventures together, like the truck flashing story I posted recently but no full swap to that point. We had been living in our new house for a few weeks and had met all the neighbors and liked them all, but we hit it off really well with a couple two houses down, Bob and Claire. They were both older than us, Claire was 46 and Bob was 52. Molly and I were still in our mid-twenties, but we ha… Leggi altre informazioni

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Brother cocks his injured sis

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"Billy...your sister's hurt honey," were Mom's first words when I picked up the phone. "What's wrong? What happened?" I demanded, the hard-on throbbing in my hand completely forgotten. "She fell...broke her leg, and her ankle...she just called from the hospital." "So she's okay...crikee, I thought for a second you meant...hell, what'd she say?" "She was doped up...she didn't make a lot of sense...I've just left work...I'll call" "Can I help...I can come with you," I interrupted. "I'm calling from the car ...I'm already on I-65 honey, I'll be in West Lafayette in ninety minutes. I'll cal… Leggi altre informazioni

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Sex date with a sexy shemale


For already several weeks I surf through a website that advertises women, men and also shemales. Since my great experience with the other shemale during my holiday (see one of my other posts) the craving grew bigger and bigger to meet up with one again. So last night I decided it was that far. I drove to the address I got from her on WhatsApp and rang at the door. After paying her the agreed amount (love the humiliation factor of this, need to pay someone to fuck my ass) she showed me the bathroom were I could change. Through the half open door I admired her beautifull body while she was smo… Leggi altre informazioni

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My holiday


My holiday was great, I’m not going to bore you with the touristic details, but will keep it to the fun parts :) Except of enjoying the nice weather, sunbathing and eating and drinking, I also looked a bit for relaxation. In the hotel room I dressed up and played with my toys like you can see in my other posts below, but I also got some good massages. One girl asked if I ever tried a prostate massage. I acted like I didn’t knew what it was and we discovered it together. She started slowly with lots of hot oil, she massaged my clitty, but it didn’t went hard because I’m a sissy slut. Then she… Leggi altre informazioni

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Polish Princess

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I grew up in Poland with one older and younger sister and older brother. Family was almost poor.We shared clothes as c***dren. I sleeping with my younger sister and 2 older's sleep together. No funny business. I always had long hair.My sister put barrettes in my hair. She was quite jealous at times. I wore her panties and her dress at times.Not enough money to buy new clothes. I never had real friends and usually helped around the house. We all graduated HS then some college .I was 24 yo and still living home.I had part time jo… Leggi altre informazioni

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First time with my GF ( Rach )

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We had being to the cinema can't remember the film lol but at the the time she lived in a house share. She didn't drive so she came in my car. We talked about the shitty film but i knew we'd both end up at hers and that i'd stop the night. She hadn't had her boobs done yet but i remember seeing her cleavage down her top. i couldn't wait to see her tits, small but perfect. We got to hers and she poured us drinks, all her housemates were out but 1 . We put the telly on , big brother was on but neither of us cared. She told me she had never been with a girl before only kissed . When we started o… Leggi altre informazioni

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Fucking My Best Friends Boyfriend

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Cerise and I are still best friends to this day. We met and went through secondary education together, learnt about life and love side by side. However there is something cerise doesn`t know..........Her boyfriend Gary, and now Husband and I used to fuck on the side when we first left high school. Gary, Cerise and I shared a house at Eighteen years of age after we first left. I was studying law, Cerise nursing and Gary was a carpenter and very handy with his tool as I was to find out. We were a team that had lots of fun together and partied hard, and from the thin wall separating our rooms I… Leggi altre informazioni

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Banana Bewbs - Torpedo Tits


Tits sag downwards! There was a woman in college I bedded who, despite my experience, defied that logic. I came to know her through a theater crowd but she kept appearing in other social groups, so I saw her quite often. I liked her the moment I met her because she had a real "up" personality, a quirky sense of humor, and made great conversation--one of those people you just immediately feel comfortable with. Usually dressed in the "Annie Hall" style popularized by the Woody Allen movie of the same name, she was attractive l… Leggi altre informazioni

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Gefangen und Verraten

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Andrew_K „Sei doch leise“, sagte Mike. „Wieso? Hier ist doch keiner, die wird doch eh diese Woche abgerissen“, sagte Jan. „Muss doch trotzdem keiner Wissen, dass wir hier einsteigen“, sagte Lisa, die Mike unterstütze. „Ich hab keine Lust von der Uni zu fliegen, nur weil wir hier erwischt werden.“ „Selbst wenn sie uns hier erwischen, glaub ich kaum, dass wir von der Uni fliegen. Schliesslich ist von dem Ding in einer Wochen nur noch ein Berg Trümmer da“, warf Kati ein, die für Mike und die anderen den Zaun aufdrückt. Lisa war immer noch nicht davon überzeugt, dass der Einbruch in die Bowl… Leggi altre informazioni

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Filipina Wife Outs Her Husband!

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If there's anything more sexy and exciting for a closeted white sissy than dreaming about being a woman on your knees getting ready to serve a big black muscleman, it's actually having the balls to go out there and make it a reality. It happened to me! I was married, to a hot sexy girly-girl Filipina. When we got married I was still trying to be in denial about my sexuality, but Terri picked up on what I was early on. I mean, our sex life was great - mainly because I would be fantasizing being with some black man when we were having sex. While I had never directly come out to Terri, I had sub… Leggi altre informazioni

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So klein ist die Welt

Prima voltaUmorismo sessualeHardcore

von Andrew_K „Wie kann man nur so peinlich sein“, war Leonies Gedanke. Sie saß auf der Rücksitzbank des grauen Kombis ihrer Eltern und wünschte sich inständig, ihr Vater hätte Geld für getönte Scheiben ausgegeben. Das war definitiv der letzte Urlaub, den sie mit ihren Eltern machte. Sie war eh schon viel zu alt dafür. Schon mit sechzehn waren ihre ehemaligen Klassenkameradinnen alleine losgezogen. Sie war anders gewesen, bisher, und hatte die Urlaube mit ihren Eltern genossen, vor allem weil die selbst recht reisefreudig waren. Während andere Mädels mit dem Zug durch Deutschland tingelten,… Leggi altre informazioni

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Slut: I want to be a Slut Wife. part 1


This story is loosely based on the accounts of a tale regaled to me by the leading lady in the following: The story has been approved by the lady in question. I hope you enjoy her terrific sexual antics. A simple introduction, my name is Amanda and my husbands name is Steve. We’ve been married for ten wonderful years now, some good, some bad, but we've always maintained total honesty with each other. Our sex life was the original fireworks party in the early days but like most other couples it kind of took a back seat a few years back. I would probably have soldiered on, that is until I saw… Leggi altre informazioni

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serving mistress in chastity


This is a Fantasy story. I dream of meeting a lovely lady that is just a kinky as me. I am a natural submissive, so I love to dedicate myself to my future girlfriend/wife/mistress. this story is one of my fantasies. The story starts when I am at job, its almost weekend and im looking forward going home and have 2 days weekend before going back on Monday. My phone buzzes, I check my messages and it’s a message from Her. She took a sexy but nothing revealing picture of herself and she is holding up a chastity device. “This weekend I have plans for you, my love. XXX” was the text that came wi… Leggi altre informazioni

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Closet Sissy and his Friend Wife's Dirty Pant


They Feel so Good on His Skin Outwardly, he was a completely average guy. He had a cute wife and lots of friends, a nice house in the suburbs and decorated front lawn. But no one was aware that he was secretly a sissy pantyboy – that he loved to steal panties from his wives’ friends. He would sneak into their houses, steal their dirty and clean panties and later wear then in the privacy of his own home. It was a beautiful day and he came home during his lunch break. The office wasn’t too busy so he decided to finish his projects at home, and it was the perfect excuse to come home early whi… Leggi altre informazioni

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Silkie and Casper from the Shamrock Tavern@2018

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"I got up on a weekday morning, took a long shower, washed my hair, put on a little light lipstick, then changed my mind and put this ugly, really red shade on. It looked terrible against my pale freckled skin.I put a lot of it on my lips. I thought "This is going to be all over some guy's dick pretty soon." "I piled my hair on top of my head, like I was preparing for some kind of stage role. I never used eye shadow or eyeliner, except on stage, but I found some and put that on around my eyes. It was the wrong shade for the lipstick and everything else. Fine. Now I looked crazy and slutty. The… Leggi altre informazioni

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My Favorite Gloryhole Memory

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I had been working late on a frustrating building project where I wasn't making any money. The only good thing about it was that it was within easy walking distance of my favorite adult bookstore. I cleaned out my ass with an enema and lubed myself up with Crisco so I'd be ready for anything sexy. When I got to the bookstore I was greeted by the shopkeeper who I'd serviced with my mouth and hot tight ass many times so he clued me in on which booth was out of order and just had a light on constantly and a number of strategically placed glory holes. He enjoyed coming back to the booths to watch… Leggi altre informazioni

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my fantasy...63

Uomo gay

u just grin wickedly & pull me close 2 u your lips are soft as u kiss me full on the mouth but your muscles are rock-hard against me... u let your tongue slither in2 my mouth searching 4 & then finally finding mine as your hands slide 2 the front of my shorts quickly unbuttoning & unzipping them then sliding them 2 the floor... u pick me up in your strong arms sit me down on the kitchen island & start 2 suck & chew on my nipples... i am getting really hot & turned on by the wicked things u are doing 2 me... u kiss your way slowly down my chest & belly… Leggi altre informazioni

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