Irish Slave Girls and Negro Men.

Coleen was just f******n when she arrived at the plantation, her parents indentured to the plantation owner and for certain privileges to relieve their plight, they agreed their daughter should move onto another plantation still owned by the same English lord, being told she would be trained as a housemaid for their own daughter and thus, well looked after.

Coleen was a tall girl, straight, with a pale complexion and freckles on her cheeks and having started her menstrual cycle, her breasts were well formed as was her ginger hair above her pubic mound, matching the wild redness of her head with green eyes and full mouth.

Her parents always thought the master or his son would be the first to take her for breeding but the son had a preference for the mullato girls and could be seen in the fields mating with them at will, from twelve onwards. They had numerous girls for their own sexual purposes so they were relieved with Collen having been chosen for the s****r's indenture.

Oliva waited behind the large curtain out of sight when Coleen arrived on the back of the cart, she was a beauty and all the coloured men turned to watch her as she passed, this made Olivia jealous, being ages with Coleen, she enjoyed the attention she felt from the Negro men and always looked down their bodies to if their cocks moved to her presence, her warm smile a reward for the men willing to let her see them in their excited state.

Both girls were still virgins, inexperienced with men, but aware of what these men were capible off as both had witnessed them from different sides of the divide as the Negro men had their sexual allowance with the lower women on the plantation, Olivia in particular, watching the men hump the unfortunate woman from a spy-hole in the wall, as part of her education into the workings of men and women.

Olivia was the older of the two girls by six months, so her age, as well as her status, cowed Coleen and as the later approached the former, her Mulatto male boy gave a sharp intake of breath, causing Olivia to look at him, up and down and in particular his ten inch penis, which she insisted he must show in her presence.

Coleen curtsied as her mother had taught her, daring not to look her in the face, 'Name', barked Olivia, and Coleen answered in a timorous voice, unsure and insecure in her new employ.

'Coleen, Maam', she replied, 'Age', demanded Olivia, aggressively, to which Coleen replied f******n.

Olivia looked at her Mulatto, 'Do you think she is pretty', she asked him petulantly, he obviously did as Olivia moved around him and felt his cock, 'You're pretty', she said to Coleen, 'you have given him a 'Hard-on'.

Coleenlooked down at the Mulattoes cock, now standing out like a baby's arm holding an apple in its fist, her eyes wide her heart thumping and her mind aghast at the teenage daughter's apparent lack of morality.

Olivia laughed out loud as if she knew what Coleen was thinking, even though Coleen was Irish and she English, Coleen was enslaved to Olivia, and there to do her bidding.

'You smell like an Irish pig', taunted Olivia and turning to the Mulatto she ordered hot water for Coleen to wash her body.

There was a big bath tub she used in the room, 'You shall take a bath', she said to Coleen, 'and I shall watch you', she continued.

Coleen felt humiliated and timorously asked, 'Why'?

'I'm bored and you are amusing', she retorted before adding, 'my boy likes you, did you see his cock, I think he wants you like that', she railed on, obviously exciting herself with the knowledge she could do what she wanted, 'Now take your clothes off'.

Coleen swallowed hard, she had never been seen nude before, especially by any negro men, rumours abounded about Negro men mating with Irish girls for breeding purposes, the offspring fetching higher prices, for the owners it was purely economic, but for the Irish girls the fear of being let loose with these powerful black men for breeding, struck terror into their hearts and Coleen struggled to undo her dress buttons, knowing she was naked underneath and the Mullato had turned up with four more, all carrying buckets of water and pouring it into the tub, which had been pulled out into the middle of the room.

'Half full Maam', said the Mullato as his friends stood staring at Coleen who was still standing in her unbuttoned dress. 'Ask these men to remove their pants, if they want to stay and watch', ordered Olivia?

Turning to Coleen she said, 'Take off your dress and let them see you'. Coleen swallowed hard, she felt giddy and unsure of herself, her heart pounded as it fell from her shoulders and down to the floor around her ankles, her nakedness so stark with six pairs of eyes devouring her nudity, she started to cover her privates, but Olivia forbade her to do so, 'Let them see you, don't hide anything and together we shall watch them relieve themselves'.

Coleen was shocked by Olivia's admission, but she did as she was told and walked slowly to the bath where the five Negro men stood naked from the waist down, all had big erections and all would use them on her if Olivia demanded them to do it.

She stopped as two of the men barred her way, 'Push between them', ordered Olivia, her voice thinker and sounding strange, Coleen turned to see Olivia was playing with herself through a pocket in her gown.

She turned side on and moved between the two Negro men blocking her way and who did not move, they wanted to feel the Irish girls soft skin against their own, especially her breasts as the were pressed hard against the man who let his hand touch Coleen for the first time in her life, his fingers flowing through her pubic hair, his erection brushing across her thigh and slipping between her open thighs, he leant into her until their bellies touched, his cock between her thighs, she froze as he rose harder and pressed against her cunt.

'Kiss him', demanded Olivia, but the negro did not wait for Coleen to respond, as he gathered her up and smothered her mouth with his thick lips, his cock moving in and out between her thighs, Coleen could hear him grunt and groan and Olivia's own response to events unfolding, Olivia's Mullato was between her legs his tongue everywhere, while Coleen was being f***ed to the carpeted floor by the other four Negros, she was on her fours as they planned to take her by her rear-end doggy style, but Olivia's own orgasm caused her to scream 'Stop', and the four men were ordered away.

Coleen remained on all fours until the Negro men had gone, 'Wash her privies' ordered Olivia and her Mulatto knelt beside Coleen and began touching her cunt and breasts with a damp cloth.

He humped Coleen as Olivia played with herself, she had that power and for the next hour Coleen and Olivia, two young girls took the Mulatto and enjoyed him as only pubescent girls could.

'I want you to have his baby', she finally admitted to Coleen, she wanted her own stud farm with eunuchs for her own her pleasuring, 'We shall share men together', sang Olivia and that night both Olivia and Coleen slept together, as only women do that share the same lovers.

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Lovely, enjoyed it.. I love redheads, especially with freckles!!