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Part 4 My husband's first business trip of th

My husband first business trip of the year part 4.

Tuesday night after putting my daughter was asleep in her room, I was laying on my bed watching tv while thinking about the enjoyable time I had earlier that afternoon with my lover Nick. I really enjoyed it. While watching a series and thinking about earlier I found myself gently massaging my pussy for a while. I stopped before I became to horny and decided to wait for the morning for Kyla my private masseuse to give me a relaxing pleasurable massage again. I fell asleep after a while of watching tv and once awake the next morning, I got my daughter ready for crèche and soon left to drop her off. I returned straight home afterwards and just before 8h00 I had a quick shower. After my shower I got dressed putting on a pair of tracksuit pants and a top and made my way downstairs. I made myself a cup of coffee while I waited for Kyla to arrive.

The doorbell rang on 9h00 and I opened up for Kyla. She brought in the massage table as we greeted each other with a hug. This morning we set up in the lounge again and while she was doing so I made her a cup of coffee. Once the bed was set up we first chatted a bit and again she wasn't all that busy this Wednesday. Her next massage after me was only at 14h00. I joked around with her while she was still drinking her coffee asking if she would like a massage once she's finished massaging me. She laughed as she replied saying that would be nice. I replied saying cool I will give you a massage after you done with me, but she giggle thinking I was joking.

I soon stripped down naked and laid down on my belly on the massage bed. Kyla drizzled oil onto my back and shoulders and started to massage me. She slowly moved down my back and over my ass. She spent a bit more time massaging my upper and inner thighs before moving down my legs and to my feet. After massaging my feet she asked me to turn over onto my back and she then slowly made her way back up my legs and once again she slowly and teasingly massage my inner and upper thighs and groins, making me rather wet.

She then moved up and drizzled oil onto my belly and rubbed it into my skin as her hands moved up and over my boobs. As Kyla was massaging my boobs and pinching my nipples gently I started moaning softly from the pleasure. She continued massaging my boobs for a while before moving up to my chest and neck. She then gave me a relaxing head massage for a while before moving to along side my body and massaging my pussy. Rubbing up and down my pussy lips gently, giving me pleasure, she soon started to stimulate my clit as she massaged it in a circular motion. My body tensed up as I started to moan and not long later while Kyla continued to massage my clit she brought me climax and I orgasmed.

After orgasmning I laid there for a while in a totally relaxed state. Kyla was silent as well allowing me to enjoy the relaxation. After a few mins I sat up on the massage bed and looking over at Kyla I offered her a glass of fruit juice. She said that would be nice. I told her to join me in the kitchen for the time being but she responded saying that she was first going to pack up the table and her things.
I replied to her tell her not to as I was going to give her a massage. She laughed as she asked me am I being serious. I replied saying yes I am. She slowly followed me to the kitchen as she said it's a really great offer but I'm to shy to show off all of my body.
I replied saying, " if I lend you a pair of shorts and a bikini top would that make you more comfortable.
She thought about it for a while, while I pour us a glass of juice each and as I handed it to her she said if I don't mind lending her a pair of shorts and a bikini top then she wouldn't mind a short massage. We then made our way up to my bedroom and I got her a pair of short silky shorts and one of my bikini tops.
We then went back downstairs and Kyla made her way to the guest bathroom and changed into the clothing I borrowed her.

She soon came out of the bathroom, exposing most of her body to me for the first time. She had a good looking belly and legs. A little big but nice to say the least. She walked up towards me a little embarrassed and said I can't believe that I'm doing this.
I asked her why?
And she said I'm shy of showing my body.
I asked why once again?
And she said your body is so perfectly slim and toned and you have confidence to show it off. And then you get mine that has a fat on the belly and legs and not all that toned.
I replied telling her to relax that her body is rather attractive and nice to look at. I also told her if she was too uncomfortable with me giving her a massage that we could skip the idea.
She replied back saying thank you and to see how it goes for a while first before she chickens out.

She then hopped onto the bed laying on her belly. Once she was comfortable I undid the bikini strings and moved them out of the way and then drizzled oil onto her back. I rub the oil over her back and shoulders and started to massage her neck. She gave off soft moans and eventually said that it feels rather nice. I made my way massaging down her back till reaching her covered bum. I grabbed both of her bum cheeks and gently squeezed causing her to flinch a little. I then rolled up the legs of the silky shorts I borrowed Kyla as much as I could before putting oil into my hands. I started massaging her right inner upper leg and I could feel she was a little tense and uncomfortable. I told to relax as I slowly moved down her right leg over her knee and calf to her right foot.
I moved over to her left foot and then made my way up massaging over her left calf and up her inner thigh once more. She seemed more relaxed on this occasion and after a while of massaging her left thigh I stopped and asked her to turn over.

She placed her hands onto the bikini top as she turned and laid on her back. She left the straps undone and then placed her arms next to her body as I started by her right foot slowly massaging my way up her leg. Reaching up above her knee I slowly and teasingly massage up her thigh as high as her groin getting oil onto my shorts that she was wearing. I then moved and to her left leg and did the same massaging up her inner thigh and to her groin once more. She gave off soft moans as I massaged her upper part of her left leg. I then folded the shorts down relatively low but making sure not to make Kyla uncomfortable. I then drizzled oil onto her belly and started to rub it in over the front of her body, stopping just under the line of the bikini top.
I then moved and stood above her head and drizzled oil onto her chest and massaged it into her neck and throat. Seeing she was laying with her eyes closed as I was running my hands over her chest I decided to slip them both under the bikini top and over her boobs. Her arms flinched a little as the bikini top fell down onto her belly and I felt her nipples on my hands and I slowly moved my hands back up over to her chest revealing her hard nipples and nicely sized boobs to me for the first time. As I moved my hands back over her Kyla's boobs I asked if she was ok and still enjoying and she replied that she is. I then told her if she's uncomfortable or not happy that she must tell me and I would stop.
She replied saying Cool and that she's enjoyed the massage.
I then ran my hands over her boobs so that her hard erect nipples went between my fingers. I gently pinched them and I heard her giving off soft moans again. I pinched her nipples a little harder before moving back up to her chest and neck and ending the massage.
She then sat up as she said thank you and she was about to put the bikini top back on to cover her boobs but then she handed it to me and said now that you've seen my boobs there's no real point to hide them away.
I laughed as I replied saying that I too saw both your nipples hard and currently they still hard.
She replied say that it felt real good the massage and that she now understands why I ask her for a pleasurable happy ending at the end.
I immediately responded by asking her if she would like one?
And she hesitantly replied no thanks not today.
I laughed as i offered her another glass of fruit juice and we both made our way to the kitchen where we stood chatting for a while, while drinking a glass of juice. After finishing our juice Kyla made her way to the bathroom to get dressed while I slowly started packing up her oils and towels and getting dressed again myself.
On her return she handed back to me my silky shorts and apologised for the few oil marks on them, which I told her not to worry about. She then packed up the massage table and slowly started taking her things to her car. I handed her, her payment which she reluctantly accepted saying that she owes me for giving her a massage but I told her that she mustn't worry about that.
She then gave me a hug goodbye as she said she hopes to see me soon again and I replied telling her that it will be within the next few weeks. She awknowledge my comment as she got into the car and drove off slightly after 12h30.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly and later that evening once my daughter was asleep in her room and I was laying in bed myself watching tv when I received a message from Kyla saying, " thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed you massaging me, as it relaxed me for the number of minutes I got to lay there with my eyes closed. Although it was weird having another woman touching my body, let alone a naked woman touching and massaging me, it was very enjoyable and it did in fact make me horny. Even now while thinking about the enjoyable time I'm slightly horny again. Once again thank you I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see you again."

I replied back saying that she's more than welcome and that  I really had fun as well. Also that I'm real glad you enjoyed it and that I will definitely make a booking in the next few weeks again.

I then laid thinking about her massaging my pussy and bringing me to orgasm, and thoughts about touching her boobs with her hard nipples soon made me horny. I placed my hand under my sleeping shorts and between my legs and started rubbing my pussy up and down. I soon brought myself to climax and as I started to orgasm I rubbed my clit fast and hard as I moaned from the pleasure of pleasuring myself and ending off a wonderful day.

End of part 4
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