Woman's Guide: First Time with BBC

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For women and couples who are BBC curious. All images from the public domain. All clips fall under Fair Use exceptions to copyright.

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4 giorni fa
I would do ANYTHING to get my wife Black fucked for her first time! I want to see her fucked hard, made love to, romantic kissing, and ever watch her fall in love! And pregnant, of course!
8 giorni fa
This is a must see for every white woman! You must not let an experience like this elude you.
10 giorni fa
Straight to favorites.
11 giorni fa
13 giorni fa
Cuck looking for her Queen ♠️

I am white guy & i have a fantasy about couple cuckold vacation in Jamaica island.

So, i am looking for beautiful girl, she want to try big black cock , I will be her boyfriend & i will enjoy by watching her have sex with another man.

For first, We will have vacation in Philippines or her country to know each other and build trust, Next vacation will be in Jamaica island.

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15 giorni fa
Very good!
16 giorni fa
21 giorni fa
That Was Hot.
21 giorni fa
That's one hell of a trading video. If I wasn't already into BBC I would be after my husband showed me this one I'm so horny now I'm ready to be gang banged. I would certainly squirt like they did. I desperately need a Big Black Cock.
21 giorni fa
Great upload
23 giorni fa
i like bbc
28 giorni fa
My wife had been working as a pro for two years when she got her first black dick. She said she felt like she had never been fucked before after he had fucked her 3 times and cum inside her all of them. He was 10 in. long. She later got a 13in and walked funny for 2 days.
1 mese fa
Cleverly written
1 mese fa
Has to be one of the best vids I have seen.
1 mese fa
damn this is some really good stuff
1 mese fa
You can fuck my wife anytime you want, so long as I get to watch.
1 mese fa
My only dislike is the dubbed in music, I'd much rather hear the sounds of the fucking. I really love the ones at the end, the sensual kissing and tender love making between with and her bull.
1 mese fa
would love a list of the videos, or maybe links? awesome job
1 mese fa
Great compilation
1 mese fa
1 mese fa
is a very hot collection
1 mese fa
From 9:40-10:15 I'd like to see the full clip, anyone have any idea where to find it??
1 mese fa
HOT!!! excellent editing
2 mesi fa
2 mesi fa
9:45: that lady is feeling it! Just like me when I had my first bbc in 3 years, I was just as loud because it felt so good
2 mesi fa
16:04 if a girl grab my ass like that... its over. I'm gonna start thrusting hard and cum in her!
2 mesi fa
2 mesi fa
This made my wife go out and fuck a black man. I didn't get to watch and she didn't tell me a thing but when I fucked her the next morning she was loose and wet with a telling smirk. I kept on at her and she always said if she did it it would be for her pleasure only. I am still turned on knowing she's sexually open. I just hope he's beating the bottom out of her.
2 mesi fa
hot and humiliating at the same time.
2 mesi fa
Fun stuff to be shared by a loving bf

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